The goal of membership is to completely improve its service so as to seek for the mutual development with its customers. Long On Source , therefore, established a membership integrative marketing serving system covering the worldwide to provide the customers with the service in an international level.

Membership is trying its best to realize closing to customers without any gap.

The following is part of our VIP customers listing for your reference , all these have been permitted and passed by our customers:

 Some of our LONG-TERM clients:
CM1026 L280753 2009-03-20 New Zealand Dear Winnie, The product is great for lighting project, convenient installation, compare with traditional lights, save monthly electricity expenses. Regards, Arben
CM1038 LG23333 2009-06-16 USA. Jimmy: Yes, we received the packages. THANK YOU!
All looks good, the adustable beam direction of light is perfect for our shop! Keep in touch! Michael
CM2088 LG22554 2009-11-26 New Zealand Jimmy: Please supply FOC. 1% of the quantity of each item ordered so that it could be used for replacement in case any of the lights have problem during warranty period.
Thank you! --Kuldip Shah
CM1039 L280697 2010-06-22 Germany Ken, Thanks so much for your excellent LED Flat Panel Light! Your recommended item is very helpful for our office lighting! Regards, Joe
CM1018 L280560 2011-08-03 USA Winnie,
Yes, we received the packages.THANK YOU!
All looks good, the client is very happy!
I´m keeping your contact info for your LED lighting products.
Keep in touch!
CM1048 L280712 2013-03-23 USA. Dear Ken,
Appreciate all your help.
We have been using this product for almost three years. Yes, fast start, no flicker, no noise, no caused replacement, reduct the labors. It is great! Cheers, Johnny
CM2088 LG22519 20130619 New Zealand Dear Jimmy,
Thanks for recommended Ledspot lighting of MR16 LED Spot Light Bulb. It worth for replacement of traditional halogen bulbs for jewellery stores. Low cost of power consumption. The lighting effective does not make goods for produce fade phenomenon and lifetime can reduce the maintain cost.
Will come back soon for our new project. --Kuldip Shah
CM2088 LG22555 20130719 New Zealand Jimmy, Since this is a big order we request for you to supply 1% of each item FOC for only this order.
We hope you will agree with our request and supply the FOC items. --Kuldip Shah

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