• Product Name: 12W Square Led Flat Panel Ceiling Light
  • Art No.: L280691
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  • Product Origin: China
  • Detailed Product Description:

    12W 60HZ Square Led Flat Panel Ceiling Light SMD 2835 For Hotel Corridor


    Product Name

    12W Square Led Flat Panel Ceiling Light

    Input Voltage (Driver):

    90-265VAC /50-60HZ


    Commercial & home lighting , corridor , restaurants , Kitchen , bathroom and Cabinet etc.


    easy to install , long lifespan , maintain costs low , energy Saving , cut down electricity expenses , 90% less than usual incandescent lighting

    Fewer electrical losses

    All other types of lighting (except incandescent) require ballasts, additional electronic and/or electromagnetic components, in which some power is consumed.

    RoHS compliance :

    LEDs don´t contain mercury or lead, and don´t release poisonous gases if damaged


    Quick Details:


    • Dimensions: L170 * W170 * H13 mm
    • Ultra thin 13mm thickness only
    • Power: 3 watt
    • Long lifespan: 50,000 Hrs
    • Warranty: 3 years
    • Light source: SMD 2835 LED 
    • CCT: 2800 - 6500K



    General Information of 12W Square Led Flat Panel Ceiling Light 6´ For Hotel Corridor :


    Traditional grille is used ordinary fluorescent tube as lighting source, high power consumption, short service life, maintenance costs are high; the LED flat panel light, energy saving and environmental protection, which is designed to replace the traditional grille lamp.   

    The lamp body of the LED Flat Panel Light is made of high quality aluminum alloy materials . With the big area of the aluminum frame structure and its ultra fast cooling rate , the heat dissipation performance of the lamp is greatly improved . The adopted high efficient SMD LED light source saves energy significantly by its low light decline rate and long service life . The driver part adopts the constant current drive power supply with high accuracy , high efficiency, stable performance and no stroboscopic.


    Product Specifications :



    R2U - 12015


    12W Square Led Flat Panel Ceiling Light


    L170 * W170 * H13 mm

    Lighti source

    SMD LED 2835 chip


    60 pieces

    Power Consumption

    12 Watt

    Input voltage (Driver)

    90V-265V AC /50-60HZ 

    LED Driver Efficiency




    Operating temperature 




    Luminous Efficiency


    Luminous Flux

    2800k-6500lm (±3%)


    Ra ≥ 80


    120 °

    Protection grade 


    Temperature rising

    < 45 ℃

    12W 60HZ Square Led Flat Panel Light 2835 SMD For Hotel , 90V - 265V AC



    12W 60HZ Square Led Flat Panel Light 2835 SMD For Hotel , 90V - 265V AC

    12W 60HZ Square Led Flat Panel Light 2835 SMD For Hotel , 90V - 265V AC


    • Features and Advantages of 12W Square Led Flat Panel Ceiling Light 6´For Hotel Corridor :


    ◇Utilizing imported super bright SMD LED , high luminous intensity and efficiency ;

    ◇Energy saving , saving 90% of energy than incandescent bulbs ;

    ◇Encapsulated by the special craft make it durable , good heat dissipation by ravines surface structure, service life can reach 50000 hours ;

    ◇Green environmental protection materials . No ultraviolet , infrared , thermal radiation and mercury pollution ;  

    ◇As a kind of cold light source , LED lights will not make the goods for produce fade phenomenon ;  

    ◇Using high-quality reflectors, downy light , High light efficiency ;       

    ◇High CRI make the light true and clear and have different color temp ;  

    ◇Fast response , no stroboscopic , low glare , total luminous flux output reached when the lights on ;  

    ◇Solid-state light source , strong shock resistance , convenient for transportation and installation , high safety ;   

    ◇Luminous directionality is strong , easy to control the light , effectively improve the efficiency of the lighting system ;  

    ◇Fashion modeling , close to customer needs , blend in more elements of science and technology and humanized design .


    ★Usage Instruction:

    1. Before installation , please read carefully the product specification to make sure the operating environment conforming to the conditions ;
    2. Turn off the switch before connecting to the power ;
    3. Lamps and lanterns should be installed by a qualified electrician , wiring connection should conforming to the IEE electrical standards or national standards ;
    4. This product is suitable for indoor use ;
    5. Please do not make the lamp working under the condition of voltage too high or too low for a long time , which will affect the function of normal use and lifespan ;
    6. Do not install the lamp inside flammable objects , keep off the lamp with thermal insulation material at any time.
    7. Cut off the power when cleaning , replacement , or installing the lamp , to ensure the personal safety ;
    8. When abnormal work of lamps (self-extinguishing, flashing) happened , please check if the connecting plug and power supply working normal , replace for a new light if they have no problems ;
    9. Cut off the power before cleaning the lamp . Please do not use any chemical agent , it may discoloration or damage the lamps . Firstly using the soft cloth with soapsuds then cleans up with dry cloth ;
    10. Do not take apart the product to avoid damage any internal components . Take apart any components may void the warranty .


    • Product Application

          Widely used for the illumination of bridges , plaza buildings and garden attractions, hotels and shopping

    malls , office buildings , entertainment purposes , and interior home decoration designs , etc .

    12W 60HZ Square Led Flat Panel Light 2835 SMD For Hotel , 90V - 265V AC

    12W 60HZ Square Led Flat Panel Light 2835 SMD For Hotel , 90V - 265V AC